Catching up with people who are still in school



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Please, for the love of god, listen to autistic people talk about autism. Share things written by autistic people about autism. Give autistic people the loudest voice when it comes to autism.

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Street Art byDavid Zinn

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A woman who hates you is playing the pianoforte.

You have five hundred a year. From who? Five hundred what? No one knows. No one cares. You have it. It’s yours. Every year. All five hundred of it.

A charming man attempts to flirt with you. This is terrible.

You are in a garden, and you are astonished.


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movie where the deep and soulful white boy protagonist finally finds true love with his manic pixie dream girl to a kinks soundtrack but actually she’s a violent sociopath who seduces deep and soulful white boys with her diverse, trendy interests and keeps them all in a basement for bloodsport, forcing these spaghetti-armed “creative professionals”in thick-rimmed glasses to fight each other to the death for her amusement while she listens to ke$ha and eats taco bell

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hot new Banksy piece


ok so it’s ronald mcdonald and he’s fuckin Mickey mouse in the white house and the nuts all over Mickey’s face and instead of semen it’s money and the president (who is personified as a shadowy figure w/ cigar) collects the nut and throws it to the school system and the piece is called “Wake up America you sheeple”

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If White People Were Described Like People Of Color In Literature

i forgot to breath reading some of this.

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